Breaking: It’s Happening! Trump’s Draft Executive Order On Welfare Is About To Change Everything Folks!


A copy of a draft executive order reported by the Washington Post earlier this month has been circling around cabinet members and has posed some questions that are making liberals everywhere panic.

The draft order also requires strict financial responsibility for relatives who promised to support immigrants who are instead now relying on social aid.

The potential savings estimated by the order are as high as “$100 billion,” although little data exists to support that figure.

Welfare is a way of life for too many immigrants, according to the Center for Immigration Studies. All immigrants, legal and illegal, are more likely than native-born people to use some form of welfare. Those who have U.S.-born children make far greater use of the system.

We should be welcoming immigrants with open arms, not an open wallet. Liberals are losing their minds over the idea that we might inject some economic realism into our immigration policies.

“He [Trump] would literally be taking food out of the mouths of babes,” Kevin Appleby of the Center for Migration Studies told The Washington Post.

Perhaps instead of reaching out to immigrants the moment they set foot on our soil to connect them with social service programs, we need to be connecting them with jobs the minute they arrive.

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