Just 1 Hour Before the Oscars, Melania Gives SHOCKING Surprise To Meryl Streep And Other Liberal Celebrities…


The celebrities will probably dial up the nasty factor however it loses some of its triumph and glee when people pay little attention. The Trumps are doing exactly what they should do–ignore their tantrums. Wish the media wouldn’t even comment on them.

Meryl Streep started the trend of using obnoxious awards shows to slam our president rather than just accepting their stupid trophy and being gracious about it. As Streep is gearing up for her next hateful acceptance speech this Sunday, she just got some seriously bad news that she’s pretty upset about after catching what First Lady Melania Trump was doing two days before the aging actress takes the stage.

The ego-driven weekend is about to get off to a start which is expected to be like the last one Streep was at, the Golden Globes, where she used her pricey airtime to further deepen the divide in the country and discredit our country’s leader.

Streep is nominated for best Actress in a Leading Role and should she win, will likely try to run her mouth again about the Trumps, despite the aftermath the first time. However, Melania just beat her to the punch and put this self-righteous actress perfectly in her place.

Everything everyone in Hollywood does is for attention as it’s what drives their very existence. Their recent political statements are no exception, but if nobody is watching or cares, then it might just be the thing to shut them up for good. This is exactly what Melania is doing when she and President Trump announced they won’t be bothering with the nonsense at the Oscars this Sunday because they will be hosting a more important formal event scheduled for the exact same time.

Biz Pac Review reports that instead of listening to another Meryl Streep moment, “Melania Trump is going to host her first White House event (the Governor’s Ball) and it will be competing with Hollywood’s famed Oscars event.” This timing was well-played and likely intentional, showing who is really in charge and also that America’s attention has changed from Hollywood brats to real people and events that matter, which these celebrities brought on themselves.

Citizens of this great nation have been empowered by our bold leader to not take people’s crap anymore and are waking up to taking action against it. The disrespectful antics from those who aren’t in a place to complain about policies that have no bearing on their lives have got to stop and the Trumps are making that happen by leading the void in attention on these arrogant celebrities and upstaging them with their own event.

H/T Freedomdaily

If Hollywood wants people to look at them, they should just go back to what they are paid large sums of money to do or risk becoming irrelevant.

The First Lady has more class then Meryl Strrep has or ever will have. The American people should quit watching, or spending their hard earned money on these people who are full of themselves.