NEWS EASTER MIRACLE! In The Middle Of North Korea Fight, Mike Pence Just Did The UNBELIEVABLE!


You know, behind every great president there is a great Vice President. Trust me when I tell you, they get not greater than VP Mike Pence.

Today, even though it’s Easter weekend AND North Korea is threatening to attack Americans, Pence packed his bags, boarded his jet, and did the unthinkable…


Mike Pence is a man of faith and family, but even a high holiday like Easter cannot stop him from doing his #1: KEEP AMERICA SAFE.

Of course, his trip to Seoul in South Korea is just the beginning of his 10 day trip around Southeast Asia to secure our partnerships for the war to come.

Luckily for Mike Pence, he has some MAJOR help in tow. For instance, President Donald Trump just managed to lock-down China as an ally against North Korea.

Oh, and did I mention the US Navy ARMADA Trump stationed off the coast? Yeah, I bet that helps a ton!

So I think if ANYONE deserves a special prayer and thank you this weekend, it’s VP Pence. We all know how important Easter is to him, but he kept his priorities straight. God Bless this man and his whole Family.

H/T Libertywriters

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