Senate Rejects Obama’s Policy On Welfare! Barack ENRAGED!


Progressives, as we all know, have always opposed welfare reforms which they frequently replace with policies that enable U.S. citizens to depend on the government, and not providing the tools to the people to be self-reliant. Conservatives have traditionally tried to push regulations that stimulate free market, reduction in government staff, and personal obligation.

For this reason conservatives have celebrated one of the Senate’s decisions this week.

On Tuesday, the Senate performed a coup d’état to a policy from when Obama was president that restricted drug testing for people who want to live on welfare.

This regulation that used the Congressional Review Act’s power to revoke the policy enforced in the summer of 2016, was approved withing party lines 51-48. President Trump is scheduled to sign the regulation that last month cleared the White House.

One regulation from 2012 says that states can only provide people drug tests when they sought unemployment benefits if they previously lost their job for drug use or were employees in a place where drug testing was not uncommon.

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