TERROR AGAIN – Trump Was RIGHT About Muslim Migrants…


Muslims have always been the heroes in the liberal media’s stories, and are showcased as peaceful individuals who represent no threat to America whatsoever.

This is, of course, a ploy to crush Donald Trump.

However, if you look at today’s happenings in Paris, France, you will notice that Trump was right to stay cautious when it comes to the Muslim refugees and illegals.

According to The Express UK, the Paris police is dealing with heavy protesting on the streets of the capital and is using tear gas to keep the rioters in order, who are mostly Muslims.

The video below shows some graphic scenes of violence, arson, and vandalism all over Paris. and especially in Bobigny.

The first signs of violence started on Monday.

“Faced with this situation, which makes France a national disgrace and the misfortune of the inhabitants of the districts affected, the government is locked into a silence which reflects both its cowardice and its powerlessness,” said Marine Le Pen, leader of the Front National (FN).

Another video was posted by Le Pen’s niece Marion in which the rioters are exclaiming “Allahu Akbar.” The police arrested 37 people as a result.

“Until yesterday, the Home Secretary has been silent. Would it hurt Bruno le Roux to stop being silent?” asked Conservative presidential candidate, Francois Fillon.

“Safety is not a privilege but a fundamental right which needs to be re-established for every French person,” Le Pen said. She went on to slam home secretary, Bruno Le Roux, for not doing enough in response to the riots.

“We recall that our country is in a state of emergency,” she added. “But again, what good is it if the government refuses to use the means at its disposal to maintain public order and enforce the authority of the state?”

So, are the liberal media right? I don’t think so. Trump knows what he is doing, so let’s trust him on that.